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Chile, a country locates in South America with a long and narrow coastline wedged between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Having valuable and rich resources of food from both the Sea and Landscape, Chile has become a food-producing powerhouse, with figures of the 2nd world largest world producer of Salmon, a variety of Seafood culture, the 3rd largest world producers of Fruit Growing and 5th world largest wine producers & Vineyards.


Global Andes Company Limited, affiliate to the mother Company Global Andes Export in Chile, focuses on importing and wholesaling of Seafood and Wine from Chile.

We run a network of highly- qualified producers that abide by international norms (HACCP. GMP & Eurogap) and have ample experience in the production of Seafood, Fruit and Wines.

Our Mission is to make the wishes of consumers come true according to their specific needs, which is made possible by reliable logistical and commercial partnerships.
Spell out your requirements… so we can meet them for you!


One of our most significant advantages is our 10- year track record in the food business. During these years, we have acquired the know- how to export all kinds of foods, preserving their nature quality.

Global Andes aims to induce & promote Fresh Chilean Fruit, Seafood and Wine to the China & Hong Kong market with ultimate fresh quality & reasonable price.

HONG KONG OFFICE: RM 424, Sun Fung Centre, 88 Kwok Shui Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong / TEL: (852) 3188 2309 FAX: (852) 3188 2307
CHILE OFFICE: Enrique Foster Norte 0115, Las Condes – Santiago de Chile / TEL: (562) 24879922 FAX: (562) 584 0921